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Don Roos  

I grew up with a camera in my hand, starting with an old Kodak Brownie. My dad was a photographer and had a contact light box so I started from an early age printing my own photos in the bathroom at night when it was dark enough. In high school I joined the Photographic club even though I did not have a good enough camera to participate actively.  When I started working and could afford it, I bought a Pentax SLR, a few lenses and flash and documented everything.  I did a few weddings for friends and a few professional weddings but mostly photographed my travels.

When I started a family I was unable to afford the cost of my hobby and was relegated to taking family snapshots with a point-and-click.   Then came the digital revolution and I was ready for it.  Having been in the computer industry for most of my working life, I knew how to edit images long before I could take my own.  I waited until the resolution became acceptable for my needs and purchased one of the first Canon A80's in Cape Town.  That camera worked hard for a living.  Suddenly I had no restriction on how many photos I could afford to take.  The joy of photography was re-born.  I enjoyed it so much that I longed to take it to the next level and turn professional so I started buying equipment with that in mind.

I researched the subject thoroughly and decided to focus on getting lenses first so my first purchase was a Canon 100-400 F4-5.6 L IS USM lens followed shortly by a Canon EOS 400D , again one of the first in Cape Town.  Over the last 2 years I have added a Sigma 18-200 lens, a Tamron 90 f2.8 Macro lens, and recently an EOS 5DMkII with 24-105 kit lens.  I also added a 580 ExII flash, Ring Flash, Manfrotto tripod, Ball Head and Monopod along with several accessories.

I have upgraded my PC, added 7 Terabytes of storage with a Canon 4000F scanner and a iP4800 Printer.  I also added a Fujitsu 12" laptop and full set of 12v chargers and transformers to make myself fully mobile.

I enjoy travel, landscape and nature photography as well as macro photography and enjoy travelling to new places which is why I have a Land Rover Defender 110SW to take me into the roughest of terains.  I have been in the computer business for most of my working career so have all the necessary skills to manage the editing workflow.  So apart from not having my own studio with lighting, I can take pretty much any type of photograph, anywhere and anytime

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